How to Prepare your Home/Listing for Photo


Dear Homeowner/Listing Agent

                For us to be able to capture the best possible image of your Home/Listing and to avoid any delay or rescheduling, please make sure you prepare your Home/Listing prior our appointment.

Here are some general suggestions:

·         Exterior:

§  Remove Cars, Water hose, Trash cans, Tools, Toys, …

§  Clean front and backyard, Deck, Porch, Driveway, …

·         Interior:

§  Turn ON all the lights

§  Turn OFF all Fans, TVs and Monitors

§  Make sure all light bulbs are the same color temperature and Replace burned out ones.

§  Open all Blinds/Curtains to let natural light in unless there is not a pleasing view outside

§  Stow or Unplug dangling cables/wires

§  Remove all Family Pics

§  Remove all Pet related items

§  Make all beds neatly

§  Remove toiletries and other personal items from Bathrooms and Showers.

§  Close Toilet Lids and Remove all old and wet Towel

§  Remove most but not all items from Kitchen Counter

§  Remove all magnet, Pics and Notes from Fridge’s doors and sides

§  Remove Dishes from Sink

§  If you have Pet(s), Please make sure they are not present at the time of appointment



*Listing Agents: If the house is Vacant, Please check the property 24 hours prior to appointment and make sure it’s Photo ready. Inside temperature should be 60-75 degree so we can spend 1-2 hours working in there comfortably. If the house is not “Photo Ready”, it will be rescheduled and $75 Fee will be imposed.