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iGUIDE Property Report for 413 Joyce Dr, Glen Burnie, MD


Please check your MLS policy for using branded vs. unbranded virtual tours.

Virtual Tour Link
Branded: https://youriguide.com/413_joyce_dr_glen_burnie_md
Unbranded: https://unbranded.youriguide.com/413_joyce_dr_glen_burnie_md

Floor Plans
PDF (feet): https://youriguide.com/413_joyce_dr_glen_burnie_md/doc/floorplan_imperial.pdf
PDF (meters): https://youriguide.com/413_joyce_dr_glen_burnie_md/doc/floorplan_metric.pdf

MLS-sized Image Gallery: Download (right-click to copy link)
Hi-Res Image Gallery: Download (right-click to copy link)

JPG Floor Plans: Download (right-click to copy link)

Offline iGUIDE: Download (right-click to copy link)
Photo Spheres: Download (right-click to copy link)

Note: The download links will expire in 3 weeks.

Feature Sheet Creator: https://manage.youriguide.com/feature_sheet/?g=413_joyce_dr_glen_burnie_md
Embedding Tool: https://manage.youriguide.com/embed/413_joyce_dr_glen_burnie_md

Property Details

Room Measurements
Main Building
Bath: 5'8" x 8'6" | 47 sq ft   /   1.72m x 2.59m | 4.3 m²
Bedroom: 9'7" x 12' | 116 sq ft   /   2.93m x 3.67m | 10.7 m²
Bedroom: 10'1" x 10'7" | 106 sq ft   /   3.07m x 3.22m | 9.9 m²
Breakfast: 8'1" x 5'3" | 43 sq ft   /   2.47m x 1.61m | 4.0 m²
Dining: 12'11" x 9'6" | 123 sq ft   /   3.94m x 2.89m | 11.4 m²
Kitchen: 8'1" x 9'7" | 78 sq ft   /   2.46m x 2.93m | 7.2 m²
Living: 18'3" x 12'11" | 236 sq ft   /   5.56m x 3.94m | 21.9 m²
Master: 10'7" x 14'7" | 154 sq ft   /   3.21m x 4.44m | 14.3 m²

Bath: 6'1" x 8'6" | 50 sq ft   /   1.86m x 2.58m | 4.7 m²
Bedroom: 13'2" x 14'9" | 184 sq ft   /   4.02m x 4.50m | 17.1 m²
Laundry: 12'2" x 11'9" | 123 sq ft   /   3.70m x 3.59m | 11.5 m²
Rec Room: 24'11" x 18' | 438 sq ft   /   7.61m x 5.49m | 40.7 m²
Utility: 15'7" x 6'4" | 81 sq ft   /   4.76m x 1.93m | 7.6 m²

Note: Only major rooms are listed. Room dimensions are largest width and length, parts of room may be smaller. Room area is interior area and excludes footprint of walls.

Floor Area Information
Main Building
Building Perimeter Wall Thickness: 6.5 in / 17 cm

Interior Area: 1097 sq ft / 101.9 m²
Perimeter Wall Length: 138 ft / 42.0 m
Exterior Area: 1172 sq ft / 108.9 m²

BASEMENT (Below Grade)
Interior Area: 975 sq ft / 90.6 m²
Perimeter Wall Length: 132 ft / 40.1 m
Exterior Area: 1046 sq ft / 97.2 m²

Total Above Grade Floor Area

Main Building Interior: 1097 sq ft / 101.9 m²
Main Building Exterior: 1172 sq ft / 108.9 m²

Note: For explanation of floor area calculations and method of measurement please see http://youriguide.com/measure/