1.       What is your turnaround time?

Less than 24 hours. In fact, all photos taken by 5 pm will be ready by 7 am the next day. Video will be ready in 48-72 hours.


2.       How many images do I get?

We will do our best to provide you with 30-45 good images base on the size of the house, however Condition and Furniture arrangement, specially for house under 2000 sq. Ft will play a major role.


3.       How long each session will take?

It depends on the house size, Package and extras you choose. On average 45-90 min.


4.       How do I book a session?

It’s super easy. There is no need to call us for requesting appointment. Simply go to our website, Click on BOOK NOW, fill up our order form and pick the package and extras you may need, then get on the phone with your client because you will have access to our calendar, which shows you all our availability for the next 45 days by date and time!! How cool is that?


5.       Can I order Aerial Photo/Video for all Listings?

There is no guarantee that we can fly our Drone over your house or its community due to FAA enforcement policies and airspace restrictions. We will check and see if it is allowed to fly or needs a waiver. At this point, waivers can take up to 90 days to be issued which obviously you can’t wait that long. Call us with the address so we can check it prior to booking or use “AIRMAP” app to find out.


6.       Do you help setting up, arrange or stage the house?

NO. We are not responsible for staging, moving or arranging the furniture and clean up. For Liability reasons and the fact that we have a very busy schedule everyday, we are not able to spend any extra time helping you or waiting for you preparing the house. so if the house is not ready at the time of appointment, we have to reschedule it and $75 Fee will be imposed. Please check our “How to prepare your Home” tab for more info.


7.       What is your Cancellation/Rescheduling policy?

You may Cancel/Reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours prior to appointment Free of charge. Any cancellation/rescheduling within 24 hours is subject to $25 Fee.


8.       Do I need to be present at the time of appointment?

Not really. We have access to SentriCard or you can provide us with a Contractor code to get in. However, please make sure you check your listing at least 24 hours prior to appointment to make sure it’s PHOTO READY to avoid $75 Fee. We will not take pic of the listing that is not ready.


9.       What is your Rain/Snow and cloudy day policy?

We will shoot in rain or cloudy days. Sky Replacement is Free of charge when it needed, however if you prefer a different day or sunny day, reschedule your appointment no later than 24 hours prior to it to avoid $25 fee. Please remember that we will do our best to give you heads up about the weather but this is ultimately your responsibility to check it.


10.   How much do you charge to re-shoot?

If we did something wrong, we will fix it for Free but if you decide that you need a new set of images for any reason (New Staging, Paint, Roof, Flooring, Landscaping, … ) it will be a min $75 charge for up to 5 images.


11.   How Far do you travel?

It is case by case but our Pricing includes a travel fee for up to 30 miles from our office in Gambrills. Any extra miles (Over 30) is subject to $3/mile. If your listing is 37 miles from our office, there will be $21 Travel fee ($3 x 7 miles).


12.   How do I pay for the service?

We accept Cash, Check and Credit. All Payments are due at the time of appointment unless is agreed otherwise. If you want us to keep your Credit card info on file for future, give us a call at 410-562-8616. We will email you the invoice prior the appointment. No appointment will be confirmed until payment has been received in Full.

13.   What is included in your 3D Tour package(i-GUIDE)?

Immersive 3D property tour, Quality floor plans, Reliable details with floor areas and room dimensions, Neighborhood details, Professional Real Estate Photo integration, Professional video integration, Agent contact info and much more

14.   Do you have to scan and show every room in the house?

We have to scan all rooms, connected spaces but you have the option to choose what room Buyers can see in 3D TOUR. The reason for Scan is Room measurement and Floor Plan.

15.   Can you add an Exterior 3D View to it?

Absolutely. it won’t do the measurement but it will be shown in 3D TOUR.